Our Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate 11

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Our Social Responsibility Policy

Our company approves and undertakes to work within the scope of social codes of conduct and to comply with these rules.

1 > Child employee: Our company does not employ anyone under the age of 18.
2 > Forced labor: Our company cannot employ forced labor or never ask employees to leave their identities or a certain "deposit" to the business.
3 > Health and Safety: Our company provides a working environment where studies and measurements are carried out in order to minimize health and safety risks in the long and short term.
4 > Right to Collective Bargaining and Freedom of Association: Our company does not in any way prevent the right to establish a union, to join a union and to bargain collectively.
5 > Discrimination: Our company will not make any discrimination in hiring employees, paying wages, training, promotion, dismissal or retirement.
6 > Disciplinary Practices: Our company never engages in and does not allow physical punishment, mental or physical pressure, and verbal impertinence.
7 > Working hours: Our employees cannot be worked more than 48 hours a week and overtime (except for short-term extraordinary working conditions) does not exceed 12 hours a week.
8 > Wages: The wages in our company are at least at the level of "minimum wage" of the country and sufficient to meet the basic needs of the staff.
9 > Management Systems: Our senior management is responsible for the company's compliance with the requirements of the standard.
10 > Environmental protection: It works on environmental protection at every stage of production and follows waste management organizations.